Indie Torch Studios LLC is an entertainment business like no other. We provide the best entertainment for people who love anime comics and gaming. We actively work to provide unique experiences such as nerdy conventions, game tournaments and in house produced content. We produce games, videos, comic books, and apparel all to deliver quality experiences to our customers. 


     Our physical location NERDtorch Cafe ( which has been open for a year is a place that's strategically designed as a club house and community center for people of nerd culture. We offer multiple lounges designed to make you feel extremely comfortable to the point where it feels like hanging out in a friend's living room. We offer an extensive 600+ gaming library completely built off community donations. We have every major game console ever created with the purpose of giving our community full access to gaming experiences they may not have had the opportunity or access to try before.


     NERDtorch Cafe is not only a clubhouse but a restaurant as well. Customers pay for access to the facility for either $10 a day or $25 monthly. Our customers can play games available from our library while enjoying a variety of food options such as burgers, fries, nachos, pizza milkshakes and more. We are making an active effort to make NERDtorch Cafe the central location for everything we do such as gaming tournaments, conventions, video production, parties and concerts. 


As a nerdy based entertainment company we are actively moving towards reaching our goals. In Hosting 4 nerd culture conventions yearly, hosting 4 major game tournaments yearly, hosting group trips to other conventions/tournaments and starting our subscription based apparel brand called NERDtorch Apparel.




NERDtorch Operations and Descriptions:


  1. NERDtorch Cafe: Restaurant

  2. Game Tournaments: Hosting and planning popular game competitions

  3. Nerd Culture conventions: Host Comic and Gaming Conventions at NERDtorch

  4. Travel Agency: Travel to Conventions, Amusement Parks and Tourist Locations

  5. Game Development: Produce Both Table Top Games & Video Games

  6. Video Production: Youtube, Short Films, Celebrity Interviews, Marketing/ Promotion videos for Conventions and Tournaments

  7. Celebrity Meet and Greets: Celebrities involved in NERD culture will come to NERDtorch to meet fans.

  8. Comic Book Production: Produce and sell comics with unique stories that expand the background of the characters featured in the in house produced games

  9. Subscription based Clothing Line: NERD apparel is a clothing line produced by Indie Torch Studios to operate on a subscription bases. Customers Pay a monthly fee and have awesome nerdy clothing shipped to them every month.