NERDtorch Cafe has is your Monday-Saturday place to hang out with nerdy people, play games, socialize and eat great food!

Creating a Squad is for heroic families who want to enjoy the benefits of the the Heroes program together. 


NERDtorch Cafe Heroes program has a starting price of

$60 monthly

Squads membership are for 4 people at a time that will power you up with abilities that will boost your NERDtorch Cafe experience with the same benefits as the Heroes program with the added benefit of

40%off of membership cost per member.



Double Rewards Points

50% off of Merchandise

50% Off entry for up to 2 guest

All you can eat (Whenever Option is available)

Bottomless Milk Shakes


Creating a Squad is an awesome way to bring your whole family into the nerdy community.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns contact

Choose between Month to Month or Automatic Payment:

Cafe Squads Family Plan

Cafe Squads Family Plan




automatic billing