Imagine if there was an awesome FREE monthly magazine made for people who love NERDY content. If you're the type of person that likes anime, comics and gaming you're going to love this because NERDtorch Magazine will be just that.


NERDtorch magazine will include a lot of things for the nerdy community. We'll do our best to name some of the main things such as:

  • Original Manga

  • Original Comics

  • Art Contests

  • Featured Indie Artists

  • Monthly Featured Cosplayers

  • Cosplay Tutorials

  • Alpha/Beta codes to upcoming games

  • Reviews on Games, Anime, Movies and Conventions


So I bet you're wondering how we will be able to provide a magazine like this for FREE. We will be partnering with bigger companies and brands to provide funding for everything such as manga/comic artists, writers, photographers designers as well as printing and shipping cost.


We need 50,000 people to sign up to get this project on the way. Once we hit our goal we'll ship the first issue to everyone who is signed up.

This is going to be really awesome! Thanks for being Nerdy with us!

Feel Free to email us if you have any questions comments or concerns

Here are 2 slide show previews of manga that will be featured in the magazine. We can't give you too much more than this so we hope you enjoy!

( Click/Tap to start Slide Shows )